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Acrylic plastic is tough, transparent and practical for a wide range of uses from simple photo frames to protective shields at ice rinks. Its high-strength and lightweight build means it is preferred to materials like glass in many different situations. Here are five benefits of acrylic plastic:

Easily shaped

Acrylic is a material that is easily shaped and fabricated. Once this plastic reaches a temperature of 37.8° C it is easily molded into a preferred shape, such as figurines, picture frames, tubes, displays and bottles. It is an easy plastic to work with and will continue to hold its shape while it cools. The ability to hold its shape makes it great for large objects, such as skylights and bow-front aquariums. Also, the tough nature of acrylic means it can be sawn, drilled, or machined much like soft metals and wood. The most cost-effective method to shape the plastic is to use a wooden mold.

Weather resistant

The tough nature of acrylic means it is practical for plenty of outdoor uses, such as car headlights and home windows. Any signs with acrylic letters can hold up for the long-term and the colors will not start to fade. Also, the acrylic paints are not impacted by light, so more effective at maintaining its color. Glass artists and sculptors also make use of acrylic for outdoor designs because of its light-refracting and weather-resistance capacities.


Acrylic is significantly less in weight compared to other materials like glass. In fact, it is nearly 50% less than the weight of glass. This natural light material is great for composite dental fillings, artificial nails and dentures. Also, in the construction industry, the skylights in acrylic not only help to increase the light that enters the home, but also puts minimal stress on the home’s frame or foundation.

Impact resistant

The impact resistance of acrylic is significantly higher than glass; up to 17 times greater. Also the tensile strength is in the region of 3629 kg per square inch. In the event of forceful impact, there is a low risk of shattering. Instead, this material will likely break into large pieces with dull edges. This strength makes it a practical choice for security barriers, sliding glass doors, bath enclosures and shower doors.


Acrylic has the ability to stay transparent and will not start to yellow over time. This useful quality makes it a great choice for storefront windows, skylights and greenhouses.

Source by Leo Eigenberg

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