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Do you remember the 80’s fashion era? The loud bright colours, big shoulder pads, bright coloured leggings, we all swore that after the era was over that we would never wear those clothes again. Well you might be in for a shock because one of the main fashion trends for 2009 is introducing 80’s clothing back into our wardrobes but in a much more subtle way.

Thinking about Dallas and Dynasty, the clothes the cast wore were so vibrant, the bigger the shoulder pads the better. Designers have introduced shoulder pads back into main stream fashion, however the look is slightly heightened shoulders making the trend easier and cooler to wear.

Leggings and tights were a favourite item of clothing in the 80’s, they have been around in the shops for a couple of seasons now and show no signs of disappearing any time soon. Brightly coloured tights are keeping in with the 80’s bright coloured theme and leggings seem to have become a staple item of clothing for students over the last few months. One of the other main trends to hit the catwalk is acid washed/light coloured denim. Skinny jeans with rips in them are extremely popular for this fall.

Accessories from the 80’s such as big chunky necklaces and hoop earrings are also making a come back. Big thick belts scream 80’s fashion and are very on trend at the minute, belts are worn to define the waist. Fingerless lace gloves and headbands with big bows on the side, inspired by Madonna have also returned.

A vintage piece of clothing would work really well for this season, if there is a favourite item of clothing from the 80’s lurking around in the back of your wardrobe, now’s the time to wear it. So think big hair, bright coloured make up, put a classy twist on this era and bring it into today with the new designs that are available on the internet and in the shops.

Will you be one of those individuals who try to resist the trend because you remember it first time round or will you be one of the individuals who embrace the 80’s trend and have fun with this seasons fashion?

Source by Lea Fox

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