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Want to learn how to jelq? Here’s a step by step approach for doing the jelqing exercise.

  1. Warm up. Learning how to jelq involves learning how to properly warm up. This is an important step that most tutorials leave out. Take a warm water cloth and wrap it around the penis for a few minutes. This brings blood flow to the penis and makes it easier and quicker to get into the “semi-erect” state.
  2. Semi-erect. This is the state that you want to be in while doing the jelqing exercise. Not fully erect, only semi-erect (which is basically a 40-60% erection).
  3. Lubrication. You want to apply lubrication to your semi-erect penis.
  4. OK sign. Make the OK sign with your thumb and forefinger.
  5. Start at base. Wrap the OK sign around the base of your penis. This is the starting point.
  6. Stroke. Move the OK sign slowly down your semi-erect shaft. Once you reach the head, you release. The stroke should be at least a few seconds long, performed in a slow and controlled manner.
  7. Alternate hands. Once you’ve stroked up with one hand, repeat with the other in the same slow and controlled fashion.
  8. Reps or minutes. You want to continue to perform jelqs for a certain amount of reps, or a certain amount of minutes. Some routines start out with 100 reps the first week, 150 the next and so forth. But other jelqing routines recommend that you just jelq for a certain amount minutes. Everyone’s stroke is going to be slightly different in rep count and time. There generally isn’t a set in stone method for how long to jelq. There’s routines out there from 6 minutes a day all the way to 30 minutes or longer (though generally the longer routines will include other methods such as stretching and static holds).
  9. Extra exercises. Generally learning how to jelq doesn’t just involve the jelqing exercise, but also includes other exercises as well. Stretching is a common exercise to do after a good set of jelqs. Basically you are out stretching the penis, holding it for a few seconds, releasing and repeating.
  10. Warm downs. This is the same as the warm up, only you will still be in the semi-erect state. Take the cloth and get it warm again by running it under warm water. Then place this over your penis and keep it there for a few minutes. You may want to warm down longer and even re-heat the cloth for a second round. This relaxes the penis and encourages tissue rebuilding and the growth process to begin.

Some important things to keep in mind for learning how to jelq:

  • There are many ways to jelq. This is the very basic method. There are other methods which may claim to be more effective, but generally the idea will be the same.
  • Patience is key. Jelqing does not work overnight. You need to be patient to get results. Two weeks is usually the minimum amount of time for results to be seen, but sometimes it can take much longer.
  • Safety is key. Don’t try to pull shortcuts by skipping out on the warm up or warm down. Always use lubrication (although there are some advanced techniques called “dry jelqing” which do not use lube, you should still lube up until you reach that advanced stage). Always get into that semi erection state. Don’t go full erection, and don’t become too limp or flaccid during your jelqing exercise. Start out semi and remain semi.
  • Watch a real jelqing video. It’s easy to read about how to jelq, but seeing the real deal can be extremely helpful. This will give you a better idea of what the exercise looks like. There are many “fake” jelqing videos where a banana is used, but you really want to check out a real jelqing video to ensure you are performing the jelq technique properly.

Source by Chess McDoogle

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