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1.I have met many amputee people in my life and record their thoughts about prosthesis.Many people have said many different things about prosthesis and instrumental development.
2.One thing I notice your products may be very good but no one knows till it’s exposure.Prosthesis may have many advantages but who knows no one promoting it.Let’s discuss about it’s advantage you will be clarified whether it’s a fashion trends or general needs.

1.Normal Human feeling and We solve that.In a general case a normal manual wheelchair is more costlier than an artificial limbs,Any one Knows?
2.If we consider about mechanism then according to mechanism construction artificial limbs become more and more cost effective.An Electrical Wheelchair costs around 1,50,000 and helps for mobility but a sensory prosthetic leg costs only 1,00,000 with legs moved by sensory organs.Isn’t that great no need to move your legs just instruct by your sense legs will automatically move.
3.Near about negligible maintenance cost in compared to wheelchair or any other mobility Aids.
4.Extra parts attachment will cost maximum of 1000rs if you want.
5.So you won’t pay much and your work will be completed by your choice in your pocket margin.
6.So the best gift you can give to your relatives who suffer in amputees?

1.Products are designed and developed in modern technology because of modern day invention.
2.Developed by keeping eyes on modern disorders and patients.A 2018’s patient is not at all the same of 1970’s patients.So how can you develop a product in consideration of old age thinking.
3.Products are designed and developed by linkages so as to give a free move and free function.With modern age techniques like Jansen,Klann linkages etc.
4.For running purpose limbs provides extra flexibility and stainless steel frames make it highly durable.
5.For easy operation without sensory there is facility for hydraulic leg where you can easily operate your legs at your own.
1.Fashion takes it and now even fractured people use this for month basis support and looks cool also with nothing give load on legs just sense legs will automatically step into.
2.Amputee people use it as daily needs with cost effective process and also provides maximum support a thing can do.
3.So It is taking over in medical industry with better operation than wheelchair or any other rehabilitation Aids.
4.Not only sustained in stair movement or walking it provides life and you can make your life back to track.
5.So We the members of 2040 Healthcare promise you to be a part of your life and we develop products by perfect measurements and customized way and that to be at your home.

Source by Rakesh Das

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