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The audio AV furniture from Schroers & Schroers, is much more than your basic furniture. The looks of these furniture, with its sleek appearances and modern design, sets it apart from any other furniture that you have seen so far, being worthy of such high technology components that it houses. It is worthwhile to check-out some of this furniture, when you are contemplating to buy furniture for your audio visual systems. Schroers & Schroers offers their product in a full palette of colours to match any decor of your entertainment room, with such flexibility, that you can access the components on the shelves from any side to make cable connections with utter ease. You can easily remove the component on the shelves, move them around, placing them back as you want. The shelves are adjustable, so that you can be sure that everything will fit comfortably.

Strolling along the displays, you will be attracted to these elegant looking furniture, and gaze upon the lovely, unique and practical designs, built and designed with outstanding quality, with typical European attention to detail. The Schroers & Schroers AV furniture is well proportioned to maintain the aesthetic balance, with a horizontal emphasis. The audio, TV and home office furniture are based on European designs, combining high degree of functionality. The furniture ensures absolute surface uniformity, with glass poured onto a bed of mercury, with each glass piece perfectly flat and optically pure. The glass shelves stands on leveled edges, which are polished to the highest commercial grade 5, for that ultra-smooth surface. The glass product is guaranteed life-time, as it uses a special three-part, UV cured, aerospace epoxy, to insure optically perfect joints. Extremely large, heavy gauge large diameter tubing metal frames make this furniture sturdy and long lasting. The furniture is scratch resistant, being baked on scratch resistant powder coat.

There are many models which excite a buyer and one of them being the Alphastatic. It has a stunning triangular design. The model is sturdy and looking at it, you will never think twice before placing your audio-visual gear on this stand. You will be attracted towards the Focus Maxi Series because of its rigidity and mass. The series has quite a heavy gauge, large cross-section metal tubing, quality welded, giving the look of ultra-rigid framework. Even if you are not particularly a fan of glass shelving, you will definitely be tempted towards this massive 3/4th inch glass shelves, having exquisite finish, capable of holding your equipment.

The Archos is intriguing. It features 5 glass shelves hung by stainless steel tensioning wires from the frame. It is a product which features glass and beech wood combination. The Gravitation carries a sensational clear glass structure. It is made from clear, optically perfect glass with perfect joints. It has a clean and elegant look, providing a sturdy, stable platform for your audio and video equipment.

Here are a few of the other models available from Schroers & Schroers.

Cosmos Plasma/LCD TV Stand – It has a clear structure with a revolving base, offering the ultimate in class and sophistication. It features –

> Glass thickness 20mm clear glass

> Load capacity TV mount 70 kg

> Load capacity shelf 30 kg

> Rotary base

Schroers & Schroers Fly Plasma/LCD TV Stand – It is a straight line structure, accessible from all points. It has a sturdy structure and is extraordinarily stable. Its a product that integrates easily with TV/video components of varying sizes. The features are –

> Glass thickness 20 mm clear glasses.

> Optional additional level available.

> Load capacity per level 150 kg.

> Height-adjustable shelves.

> Vibration dampers on top panel.

> Height-adjustable leveling feet.

Schroers & Schroers Thelo 110 Plasma/LCD Stand – The body is made up of pure, glass of great beauty, and is an offer for ultimate luxury and strength. It is like a revolving structure. The features are –

> Glass thickness 20 mm clear glasses.

> 100 kg/ load capacity for lower and upper levels, with 50Kg at the middle level.

> Rotary base.

Schroers & Schroers presents an element of strength architecture with quality and finish, with colours to match any decor that you have in mind. An exquisite example of modern European furniture technology, Schroers & Schroers offers furniture, with accentuating originality in the design, versatility and appearance, with a high degree of functionality.

Source by John Dulaney

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