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If you do not fit into your current swimsuit or you simply want something which matches your pregnancy figure better, you should definitely get specially designed maternity swimwear. You will have great time on the beach, by the pool and in the water. You just need to pick the right item for you. Use the following tips to make the best choice.

One-Piece or Two-Piece

This depends on your personal preferences. The one-piece maternity swimwear pieces offer somewhat better support to the tummy, but can cause a bit of a hassle when you have to use the bathroom. The two-piece models are easy to put on and to take off, but you have to ensure that you will feel comfy and confident in one of them. The maternity tankini is a great alternative to both options. You will enjoy both the benefits of a two-piece model and of a one-piece model.

Comfort and Support

The item which you pick should be made from stretchy fabric which dries quickly. In this way, you will feel comfy and get sufficient support for your tummy and bust. If your breasts have got considerably bigger during pregnancy and you require adequate support, you should consider the models with special supportive shelf or cups. It is best if the swimsuit has adjustable straps. This will help you to make any necessary adjustments for getting perfect support.

Elegant Look

You should definitely consider your body shape when selecting maternity swimwear. If you want your legs to appear longer, you should consider a model with leg openings which have a higher cut. If you want your hips to appear smaller, you can opt for a model which covers them and comes in a dark colour. If you do not want the focus to be on your bust, you can opt for a model which has a sweetheart neckline

Colours, Patterns and Embellishments

Darker colours and black in particular generally make the silhouette appear slimmer. That is why they are among the top options for future mums. Navy blue and burgundy have a very classy appeal. When it comes to patterns, the big colourful ones may not be the best option during pregnancy. Horizontal stripes, on the other hand, have a visually slimming effect, especially when they come in black and white. Embellishments on the shoulders and the neckline can draw the attention to the top part of the body. Some of the most attractive options include frills and bows.

Compare different options and pick the perfect maternity swimwear for you.

Source by Celine Potrov

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