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The Chanel Fashion House was started in the late 1800’s by the now famous Coco Chanel. Haute Couture was made famous with Chanel and the way the changed the traditional with comfort and casual elegance. The French design house is well known for there association with the wealthy affluent customer. The company really got into the front pages of fashion in 1925 when they introduced their sexy cardigan jacket which changed the fashion industry. It later became the famous Chanel Suit that so many elegant people wore and still do.

In the early 20’s the company came out with a perfume the called No.5 and was maybe the biggest success they ever had. The No.5 log is still used today on outfits and accessories such as handbags. The eccentric Coco Chanel eventually went to live in Paris at the famous Hotel Ritz and they now call the suite the, “Coco Chanel Suite.”

In the early 80’s Karl Lagerfeld came on board and turned the Fashion World upside down. He took what was ordinary and predictable fashion and changed it completely by creating eye catching designs that are still used today. He was responsible for launching the very popular Coco Perfune in tribute to the Late founder Coco Chanel.

The company has had great success with there quilted bag that has been a big seller the past few years. Chanel has many boutiques throughout the world including Beverly Hills, Palm Beach and Hong Kong to name a few.

The new 2008 line is using some of there classic styles and adding new colors to the line.

Source by Roy Leadwell

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