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Collectors like to get their hands on timeless pieces that are hard to find. Keds is the first to popularize sneakers and has been around for almost a century now, providing its customers with quality products for nearly a century now. That is why it wouldn’t be a surprise if someone take an interest into it and make a collection of all the shoes ever made by the company. This would of course include discontinued Keds shoes.

Over the years Keds’ sneakers have changed its style to adhere to the fashion demands of the time it was in. Though there is a style that endured those changes, there are some that have not. These shoes that have not been able to endure the changes of the times are very hard to find but does not mean that they cannot be found.

With great determination and proper research, one can actually find them. There are auction sites one can keep a constant look into. Who knows when one would put up for auction one’s Keds’ shoes from the sixties or seventies? One could also expand one’s network to allow for one to find someone who would be able to help one in one’s endeavour.

One could also post ads making people know about what one has been looking for. There are a lot of free ad sites one can make use of to do this. A lot of patience is required if one wants to succeed in these.

There are also discontinued Keds shoes that were discontinued due to low sales. But if one found the style to be appealing to one’s taste, one could ask through the Keds website if they still have them in stock and if one could still avail of those shoes from them.

If they do not have them in stock anymore, one could ask if they could make one since they also offer to make customized shoes. One could request to have the shoe made in one’s size too making it easier than scouring the internet for shoes that might not fit one’s feet.

One can even find someone who could make them for one’s benefit. Of course having the shoe made by someone other than the original maker wouldn’t really be the same as the original. Having the shoes custom made can also be expensive to do.

If having the shoes made is not possible or if one could not afford it one could avail of the Keds’ design your own shoe promo and make the design so that it would closely resemble the style of the shoe one is looking for. With this type of personalization that the company offers, one could create a color scheme that closely resembles that of the shoe one is interested in. One could also create a pattern that can be printed on the face of the canvas shoes that would closely resemble that of the discontinued Keds shoes one is trying to replicate. With a little imagination and a lot of determination, one could actually be able to pull it off.

Source by Ruth S. Lanham

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