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Getting a manicure these days does not only mean having your nails cleaned at your favorite nail salon; it also implies having your nails done in style. Since everyone is talking about the great trends in nail art, more and more people are flocking to nail salons to try the latest nail designs and patterns.

There was a time when a basic, even coat of regular nail polish on the nails was the height of fashion. Nowadays though, you’ll see people sporting different colors and having crystals or rhinestones glued to their nails. Various designs for the fingernails can be seen in magazines or over the internet, allowing you to choose the design that you would really like to put on your nails.

Putting on nail art is a lot like dressing up. You have to choose the design that would best fit the occasion you’re celebrating. There are nail decals for example that are especially made for different events. If you want nail designs that would be good enough for daily wear and tear however, you can choose a nail design that is both practical and elegant at the same time.

Although most people believe that you should go to a nail salon to have your nails done and designed, you can actually do the work yourself in the comfort of your home. All you need are the basic manicure tools, your favorite nail polish, and a little creativity. You can come up with nail designs that are exclusively yours and have fun at the same time.

Great nails start with excellent grooming. You can start by making sure that your nails are properly cleaned and filed with the cuticles pushed back for a neat look. After doing this, apply a couple of coats of your favorite nail polish and let it dry thoroughly. Since this is going to be your base color, you might want to choose a darker shade and leave the lighter ones for painting your own nail designs later, or you can go for stickers and decals that are already digitally pre-printed and just need a little nail glue to attach.

Since nail art can be readily purchased in stores and online, you might want to choose the ones that you think are good for everyday use. If you don’t want to spend too much money on your nails though, you can just view the designs online and try to tweak them a bit to suit your tastes and start painting them on your nails. You might want to have cotton balls and some acetone handy as well just to be ready for spills and painting mistakes.

Designs for the fingernails in one way or another reflect a person’s personality. One thing to remember when choosing nail designs is that you should be comfortable in wearing them. Having designs on your nails that are exclusively yours can boost that comfort level tenfold; and no matter what nail designs you sport as long as you’re comfortable with them then there’s no reason to be self-conscious and be shy about it.

Source by Christine J Laur

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