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For an accessory that costs much, paying attention to the details of craftsmanship and design when selecting handbags is important. Nowadays, getting authentic designer handbags have become a real challenge. In addition to the scams that have sold people fake handbags or replica handbags at their original price, there are those who get authentic handbags that do not go well with their height, figure or style of clothing. To get the best deals in getting authentic and flattering designer handbags, you need to be aware of the common mistakes that shoppers commit.

Going for unbelievable bargains.

Most women immediately goes for the kill when it comes to handbags. Low priced designer handbags easily lulls people to buy what possibly are mere replicas of the items they wanted. When it comes to designer handbags, an extremely low price either means a replica bag or damaged merchandise. For a pricey item, it would be wise to go for “quality” than “cheap”.

Overlooking proportions.

Not all designer handbags are created equal. They are designed to fit and complement a particular form. Not because a bag is trendy, it is expected to look good on everyone. For instance, ladies with tiny frame must never go for an oversized handbag as it will only make them look swamped and smaller. Instead, choose a bottle-shaped handbag. Tall and thin ladies look good with square and round shaped handbags. Considering your body type and proportion in selecting the shape and design of handbag to buy will lead you to the handbag that will be a pleasure to carry.

Picking the wrong color.

No matter how you prefer red in everything you own, it might not work the same magic with your handbag. Color is often an overlooked aspect of handbag selection. Since this item is intended to be worn often with your daily ensembles, you also need to consider the tones and colors of the clothes you own. Do they look good with the bag? This prefers why most women prefer plain handbag colors rather than their colorful counterparts. It saves them from the headaches of matching their handbags with their clothing.


There is a sensible reason why women are believed to be impulsive buyers, which often result to buying the wrong or unnecessary items. Going way beyond budget is easy for women who are instantly smitten by the prospect of proudly carrying the season’s most coveted designer handbag. With prices that range from $200 to $3,000, some are left to live on toast and water for the rest of the month. Some who can’t afford an original designer handbag often decide to pick replica bags, which only blow their money with meager quality handbags.

Paying more for designer handbags.

It is true that designer handbags cost a fortune, but you can always get them at much lesser cost. Do your research and look out for licensed retailers and sellers of the authentic handbag that you wanted. Nowadays, even the smallest local designer handbag shop has a website. Online, work your way through comparing the deals, discounts and design options offered by online sellers as well as local stores. In a few mouse clicks, your diligence will lead you to the right store that will give you tremendous discounts in buying the designer handbag that you want.

Nowadays, every woman owns one or few handbags. As you find your way to your own ultimate designer handbag, remember to avoid these common shopping mistakes to bring home a marvelous handbag, which you truly deserve.

Source by Shirley Applegate

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