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With less disposable income available as the economy recovers, it has become more and more necessary to spend less. With less money, people have been having to sacrifice luxury in order to maintain an adequate budget. It is possible to follow some simple steps to save money Most involve cutting out unnecessary things you would once buy, but didn’t need such as cable, internet, or any other subscription. Buying generic items like medicine and food can also save you tons of money.

Spending less doesn’t mean you have to give up certain things you like. You can replace store bought items with hand crafted ones and save hundreds, even thousands over a year. A great first step is to try cooking your own food. Homecooked food is often healthier and almost always less expensive than buying meals. The more people you are trying to feed, the more effective this strategy is. Cooking large meals creates a lot of food, and you can use bulk purchased food items to cook this way.

Instead of calling professionals for home repair, try teaching yourself how to do them and save hundreds on repairmen. There are thousands of guides on the internet that walk you through step by step fixing problems. Even if it takes twice as long to fix, the saving can be amazing. You can also apply this logic to subscription services. Many types of TV shows and movies are available on the internet for free. Magazines subscriptions can easily be replaces by either going to the magazine’s webpage, or simply finding blogs and other sources of information to replace them. You can also do this in some cases with cable or satellite TV. There are now websites that broadcast many of the shows you pay for on cable for free.

My favorite way to save money that also is a hobby involves crafting my own clothes. I design my own clothes and save money by using cheap fabric. It is easy to replicate designer fashion and is less expensive than the cheapest clothes you can find in stores. Look at guides on how to use different fabrics and get a feel for basic clothing design.

There are also free patterns on the internet that will guide you through your first couple articles of clothing. The internet is a wonderful resource for do it yourself work, there are many blogs dedicated to clothing design, so learning how to do it should be pretty painless. It is important to not give up the things you love. Pull back on the things that mean less to you, and keep the things you don’t want to give up.

Source by Galen Thurman Q Bonner

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