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In the modern times, the obesity rate is climbing at an alarming pace. However, it is more pronounced in America. The other aspect of life reflects that the younger generation is getting more health conscious yet it is not reached a recognized number worth mentioning. The grownup people seem to be ignoring the tell tale effect and drifting with current of negligence and casual attitude. It seems a cumbersome exercise to follow a diet pattern and exercise routine which is unattractive and difficult to implement. The fate cannot be allowed to move in a pendulum fashion hence it requires a paradigm shift. It is not difficult to follow a more practical routine and get into ship shape.

The best exercise a body requires in which all parts move rhythmically without straining or exerting undue strain. It is simple and plain walking. A regular walking pattern should be for one hour duration. It is most important to note and understand that prior to walking you should warm up your body so that the ligaments do not get strained or ruptured.It is, therefore, necessary to commence your walk in the following pattern:


(1) Walk slowly for about ten minutes

(2) It then commenced brisk walk for forty minutes.

(3) Lastly follow the slow walk again for ten minutes.

The last leg of the slow walk is essentially required to cool down your body. This particular pattern is good for heart as it suits medically too.

Step Two: DIET

(1) Breakfast: – Porridge or Cereal with skimmed milk without sugar.

(2) Black tea without sugar

(3) Fresh fruit juice without sugar. At 11’o’ clock -Black tea/Coffee with three Marie cookies.

(1) Lunch:– Brown bread four slices

(2) Chicken or Fish 100 grams steamed.

(3) Salad without dressing

(4) Yoghurt without flavored or sugar.(200 grams)

(5) One fruit (Apple or Orange )

At 3 ‘o’ clock: Black tea /Coffee without sugar with three Marie biscuits

(1) Dinner : Vegetable soup(2) Brown bread -three slices

(3) Salad without dressing

(4) Yoghurt without flavored or sugar. (200 grams)

(5) Boiled vegetables (Beans, cabbage, capsicum, lettuce leaves, Tomatoes, Carrot,

One hour prior to sleeping drink one cup of skimmed milk without sugar.

If you feel hungry any time during the day, then eat salad or boiled vegetables. You must totally stop sugar and all starch food. You must refrain from eating cookies, chocolates etc. Drink cold water and the thumb rule are:

I Kg of weight = 30 ml of water.

You can positively achieve desired results if you follow this routine for three months. You will lose at least 40-50 pounds of weight. Well, you can think seriously and make a start, and you will be on the way to a healthy, slim fit body.

Best of Luck!

Source by Ehtesham Mirza

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