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Stripper Salary: How much money do Strippers Make?

Answer: Anywhere from $100 to $2000. Yes, you read that correctly, if you are not prepared for your stripper career you could leave work owning money instead of making it!

In the beginning, you may only make a few hundred dollars, roughly the same amount as the typical cocktail waitress or bartender. Once you master the DancerWealth skills that help you identify his Hot Buttons to say YES to lapdances you will be earning money in no time!

Your stripper income will also depend on the price of lapdances. Most major metropolitan areas have a standard charge of $20. Other cities have lower price points for a dance. Needless to say, you will make more money if you sell five $20 dances than you will if you sell five $10 dances.

Stripper Safety: Will the girls or customers steal from me?

Answer: As a stripper you should always have eyes in the back of your head. Refrain from consuming alcohol and always lock your personal items in a locker, or in a locked suitcase if a locker is not available. Most upscale clubs have security staff to keep you safe from customers. Be choosy about which club you work at.

Becoming a Stripper: Am I hot looking enough to strip?

Answer: Most strippers are not models. You don’t have to be long, lean and leggy to dance. Men like a variety of different looks, and clubs cater to that. It is important is to keep a fit, toned body and to have clean hair, makeup and nails. Overall, you have to be attractive to get hired, but making money has very little to do with what you look like.

Becoming A Stripper: Am I too old / too young to start stripping?

Answer: As long as you are over 18 there is nothing illegal about stripping. However, just because a woman is legally an adult doesn’t necessarily mean that she is emotionally ready to start a career in stripping.

There is an undefined upper limit to most stripper’s careers. Although there are some women in their 40s who could pass for 25, the physical demands of the job tend to take their toll over time. Most women will know when it’s time to hang up the stilettos…or the club will tell

Stripper Psychology: Should I tell my family I am stripping?

Answer: It is very difficult to live a lie long term. Whether or not to tell your family is a very personal decision and there is no one right answer. Only you can decide what is best in your situation.

Source by Rebecca Avalon

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