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To be fashionable is a right of any women, irrespective of their weight, height colour or any other physical feature. You don’t have to be of size 2 or 4 to look great. The continuous projection of having an idealistic figure has led people to lose weight to look good.

Most of the fashion trends are designed for women with ideal physique. However, welcome to the real world, there is no way every women on this planet can have a 36-24-36 figure size. We shouldn’t let our physique stop ourselves from looking and feeling good.

Larger women should incorporate some technique into their dressing, which will guide them on a road to style. Wear a tiara of beauty by carefully selecting the tiniest bits of details when selecting clothes for your wardrobe. Selecting appropriate colour is very essential. For larger women, darker colours are recommended. If you have a pear shaped body or you are concerned about your large hips, try to wear a darker coloured skirt or blouse putting it together with a blouse of lighter shade.

Some people have been trapped by the myth that tighter clothes will portray a good figure; this is not true in all contexts. If you have a heavy figure, skin fitted clothes will only add pounds to your figure. Wear clothes that are appropriately fitted, which means neither they are too tight to make your love handles prominent nor too loose to look weird.

For women with heavy arms, it is advisable to restrain from wearing sleeveless, opt for long sleeves, half sleeves or 3/4 sleeves. Try to wear dresses with scoop necklines (V-shaped necks), this will most probably draw attention towards your face and neck and not to the heavier parts of your body.

Selection of clothes with solid colours and vertical lines will make you appear taller, if you are heavier on the sides, your extra weight can be balanced with a larger image of your height. Remember the rule, “thinners the stripes, thinner you appear.” Do you want to take care of the extra weight on your hips? Are you confused what sort of pants to wear? Try choosing pants in a relaxed style with tapered legs. Avoid large prints if you want to look slimmer. Small printed tops and dresses will help you in this regard.

Thick waist is a common problem for many of us, wear straight silhouettes of darker colour to cover it up. Larger thighs can appear comparatively smaller if you wear straight cut skirt or full leg pants. A line dresses are summers hot favourites and the good news is that they perfectly compliment women with large sizes. Many people add pleats to their dresses but it is important to remember the fact they do add pounds to your body. So avoid them as much as you can.

Source by Sarah J Jones

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