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Go to Agencies Directly:

There are a lot of modeling agencies out there so the first option you have is to track them down and find them yourself. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues you have with this is that there are thousands of agencies out there and it can be hard to determine which ones are legit and which ones are just wasting your time. At the same time, getting into a big agency by yourself can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know anyone.

First, find out what type of Model you are:

Depending on your age, height and weight, certain agencies specialize in working with specific type of talent. If you are under the age of 16, you are considered a teen model. Most teen models book catalog or print work in local markets.

For high fashion models, also know as editorial, are required to be at least 5 Feet 9 inches for woman and at least 6 feet 1 Inch for males. The industry is mostly made up of print or commercial talent, which are commonly booked for household and lifestyle brands. Commercial print work is very lucrative.

Plus size modeling has become increasing popular as most top agencies now have divisions specializing in full-figured talent. To be considered plus size. sizes for female models start at size 8 and up Like commercial modeling, plus sized modeling and acting is very lucrative as most agents only represent a few in their divisions.

Modeling Scouts:

Another option to find a modeling agent or agency is to go through a scout. As the name suggests, modeling scouts go around the country and try to find models and usually get some kind of fee for bringing new talent to an agency or directly to an agent. Just like with going to an agent directly, though, not all modeling scouts are reputable so you run the risk of wasting your time.

Online Social Media Marketing:

Most models and actors are going online to market themselves to modeling agents and talent scouts. While exposure is key in the entertainment business, social media posting does not allow a model or actor to direct the attention strictly to industry professionals. For new models or actors just starting out in the entertainment business, online posting of certain content may be prohibited by their full-time employer so it is always to best to try to contact agencies or scouts directly.

Source by Kay Jean

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