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Schuh has had a very great year in 2010 with higher sales than ever before. A number of prestigious awards have also been won by this brand in the last financial year that has focused a lot of publicity as the fashion world and the business world both try to figure out where this brand has come from and how it has shot to success so soon. But the fact is that even though Schuh is seeing brilliant sales and all around success this year, it has actually been around and been popular for a long time. This year has just been the culmination of a decade long trend of rising sales and popularity for Schuh shoes.

The company takes its names from the German word for shoe which is Schuh hence some people will point out that having shoes in the name after Schuh is quite redundant but that is the name that the company was started with by the founder Sandy Alexander.

The brand is actually hitting its middle age right about now when it seems stronger and better than ever and Schuh shoes as a label will turn thirty years old in 2011. Sandy Alexander set up the company three decades ago in 1981 in Edinburgh. The beginnings of the brand were quite humble and at first Schuh was a single store in the North Bridge arcade in the beautiful city that is the capital of Scotland.

The brand was quite successful almost as soon as it started out and was soon bought out lock stock and barrel by an Irish company. The Goldbergs retail group purchased Schuh and ran the company for almost a decade until 1991 when the original founder of the company Sandy Alexander led a management buyout of his original company back along with the financial support of the Scottish development agency, Scottish Enterprise. All the while Schuh Shoes grew in popularity throughout the nineties and even in the new millennium.

Under the leadership of the original founder Sandy Alexander Schuh grew steadily and expanded its retail chain and last year they had about fifty nine stores all over England and Ireland. The company currently has its headquarters in Scotland in the city of Livingston and its prestigious flagship store on Oxford Street in London England. Schuh also finished 2010 on a high by being voted the UK’s Footwear retailer of the Year.’

Source by Martin Bows

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