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Fashion on POINT! with Brian "Q" Quinn | Sal Vulcano & Chris Distefano Present: Hey Babe! | EP 69

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Hey Babe! is a podcast where comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano share stories and have fun. Let your hair down & come hang out with the BABES!

Chrissy D is out sick this episode! Brain “Q” Quinn From Impractical Jokers fills in for him! Tom Brady is back from retirement already! Shout out Joe DeRosa! Is wearing shoes in your home a problem? SOUND OFF IN THE COMMENTS! Eating on the subway is gross or nah? Shout out mayor Deblasio for sucking! Piss can freeze?! Q admits that he can’t stop watching the show Emily in Paris on Netflix. Q admits that he is now a man who enjoys FASHION. Sal admits that he’s been watching Outerbanks on Netflix. What’s a movie you’re embarrassed to admit you enjoy? We discover a wild film from the 90s “Ernest Goes to Africa?” Who remembers the Ernest series. WHAT A TIME! Q wants to film something like The Impractical Jokers Meets Frankenstein. Is it okay to pause while watching a movie with your partner?

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