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Solving YOUR Fashion Dilemmas! ✨ styling clothes YOU don't know how to wear ✨

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It’s another styling dilemmas videos where I help style pieces form your closet that you don’t know how to wear! I’ve been there where you have this amazing piece you thrifted yet you just can’t figure out how to rock it so today I am trying to get creative to hopefully help inspire you to create different outfits that you hadn’t thought of!

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00:00 intro
01:12 How to style a black and white corset
03:58 How to style brown leather leggings
05:49 How to style a halter maxi dress
07:35 How to style a pastel fuzzy coat
09:47 How to style a corduroy jumpsuit
11:39 How to style a funky wild patterned button up
13:35 How to style a blue flowy dress/top
15:31 How to style a funky corduroy denim midi skirt
17:27 How to style a green cardigan
18:32 How to style a black and white lace cardigan
19:52 Outro (subscribe plz & thank you)
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