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Stephen King’s Carrie is a popular horror novel first published in 1974. Long-time fans of the author are aware that without his wife Tabitha, the book may never have come into existence. Even though he had written three other novels, Carrie was the first one to be published by the horror icon.

The book was originally intended to be only a short story. King wrote it when he was living in a very modest trailer with his wife, and actually threw away early portions of the first draft of the book. The novel has since been made into a television movie.

The storyline of Stephen King’s Carrie centres on the main character who is a severe abuse victim. Carrie, who is the main character of the novel, has to deal with abuse from her mother who is a devout Christian fundamentalist. She cannot find any solace or support from either her mother or her classmates. She is ridiculed for various things in her life and left to figure out the mysteries of being a teenager on her own.

It is during the aftermath of trauma that Carrie learns she has telekinetic abilities. She does not fully understand how to deal with these powers and struggles to keep them under control. The abilities ultimately lead to a momentary change in the lead characters self-esteem. She is eventually elected prom queen and seems to be riding high and overcoming her personal demons.

During the prom in Stephen King’s Carrie, her enemies take revenge and once again her popularity is negatively affected. She uses her telekinetic power to take a measure of revenge against the people who were bullying her on the night of the prom.

The end result of her vengeance is that people attending the prom who have done her wrong are left to die when she sets the gym on fire. Intoxicated by her power, Carrie now goes through the entire town causing havoc where she can. She takes a sinister amount of pleasure in causing chaos to the town.

Carrie’s mother eventually reveals to her that she is only alive because her mother was sexually assaulted. She then has a confrontation with her mother and kills her. Carrie, herself, however is mortally wounded because of the confrontation with her mother. She dies but not before finding a way to take vengeance on anyone who has done her heart damage.

Stephen King’s Carrie was first brought to film in the year 1976. A Broadway musical version was released in 1980. A film sequel was released in 1999. The original film was remade as a made-for-TV movie in 2002. Many people suspect that the next theatrical remake will be one of the most profitable movies in the horror movie industry history.

Many copycat films have been made over the years but none have captured the public interest in quite the same fashion. People are amazed that a book that was almost never finished has captivated audiences worldwide for close to 40 years.

Source by John Kilmerstone

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