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2022 fashion trends and predictions πŸ©°πŸ‘›πŸŽ€

another year has come and gone which means it’s once again time to test our fashion knowledge and see if we can guess what items will be trending in 2022. from balaclavas to ballet flats, what fashion trend are you most looking forward to?

intro 0:00
jelly shoes 4:06
lita comeback 6:04
ballet flats 6:52
unique shoes 9:32
barbie bags 9:55
box bags 10:53
vintage handbags 11:12
drop waist 11:42
empire waist 12:27
jumpsuits 12:55
cutouts 14:40
fashion gloves 15:32
neckties 16:04
statement hats 17:27
hairbows 18:01
balaclavas 18:26
bloomers 19:25
plaid 19:54
velvet 20:35
fur coats 21:00
puffers 23:05
feathers 23:24
statement tights 23:56
jewels and gemstones 25:22

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intro/outro by
nicole w.b

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