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Gin Ga – Fashion (Official Video)

GIN GA: “Fashion” from the Album “They Should Have Told Us” (2011).

GIN GA LIVE https://ift.tt/vfozx9B
iTunes https://ift.tt/agpTGqD
Spotify https://ift.tt/0rt53mq


The location is set in the former “Stadt des Kindes” (city of children) in vienna. A social building that was founded in 1970 to give abandoned children a place to live. It was closed in 2002. Since then this remarkable architecture is half demolished and half occupied by young people in the night. (For more about the location see below cast!)

directed by Stephan Richter.


Catrin Arming (Assistant Director)
Andrea Donnerbauer (make-up)
Mischa Guttmann (Cutter)
Maria Hunger (Assistant Gaffer)
Thomas Kienberger (Set Photographer)
Benjamin Paya (Steadycam Operator, Assistant Camera)
Thomas Payr (Assistant Gaffer)
Michi Rottmann (Assistant Gaffer)
Tobias Seidler (Production Assistant)
Jakob Slavicek (Chief Gaffer)
Amélie Tambour (Costume Designer)
Stefan Vucsina (Cinematographer)
Nick Wiegand (Assistant Gaffer)

Gin Ga:
alex konrad (vocals, guitar)
emanuel donner (violin, vocals, percussion)
klemens wihlidal (guitar)
matias meno (drums)

“Stadt des Kindes” (City of Children), built in the 1970s, was a sanctuary for children and adolescents, some of who had escaped their unbearable family situations.
It was an exemplary and modern facility and was internationally considered both a socio-paedagogical and architectural showcase.

Starting in the late 90s, profit-seeking urban and questionably economic-oriented education politics then turned “Stadt des Kindes” partly to dust and the whole scene into a prime example for the neo-liberal society we live in.

Before the city of children is now soon to become a fancy apartment complex, we took the (possibly last) chance to squat the place for two days and capture some of what is left of it.

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