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HEЯITAGE – Fashion Slayer (feat. Hannah Eggen & Gianluca Gibbons) – Official Video

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Soul/Pop outfit HEЯITAGE release their new single “Fashion Slayer.” This soul driven track flavored with old school disco funk will ignite the fashion slayer within you. The track includes vocals by HEЯITAGE band member Hannah Eggen, along with vocals and saxophone by Gianluca Gibbons. Subscribe now! https://www.youtube.com/c/htgmusic

– Featured Wardrobe –

(1) Gianluca Gibbons Wardrobe
Stage Scene:
– Faux Leather Shirt/Metal Front Jeans: TOPMAN
Bedroom Scene:
– Suit/Pin: TOPMAN
– Shirt: ZARA
– Leopard Boots (Not Seen): Steve Madden
Street Scene:
– Shirt/Skinny Jeans: ZARA
– Metallic Silver Boots: H&M
– Sunglasses: Giorgio Armani
Studio Scene:
– Floral Suit: TOPMAN
– Necklace: NMD @n.m.designs
B&W Zigzag Shirt: ZARA

(2) Hannah Eggen Wardrobe
Stage Scene:
– Beaded Top/Shorts: Avnah
Bedroom Scene:
– Sequence Dress: Alberto Makali
Street Scene:
– Coat: KellyShin
– Top: Alberto Makali
– Sunglasses: Jacques Marie Mage
Studio Scene:
– Black Pellet Top: PR SOLO, Los Angeles
– Hoop Earrings: Forever 21
– Yellow Dress: Baruni @baruni_fashion
– Earrings: Forever 21
– Heels: Steve Madden

(3) Dancer Wardrobe:
Stage & Dance Scene:
– Dresses/Sunglasses: Forever 21

– Fashion Slayer Credits –

Production Team: Royal Jelly Collective: https://ift.tt/fxhaXAo
Director: Allison A. Waite
Assistant Director: Iris Hill
Executive Producer: Mohammad Honarkar & Gianluca Gibbons
Director of Photography: Daion Chesney
Assistant Camera: Chase Johnson

Stylist: Jerris Madison, Phil Keophaphone
Dancers: Deandra Franklin, Riley Fedor, Miris Heredia, Morgan Plom, Nefeli Makridou, Sharissa Higgins

Gaffers: Chehade Boulos, Fatma Alfulaij
Electric: Sam Joslyn
Editor: Allison A. Waite
Color: Chehade Boulous
Makeup: Jerris Madsion

Song Written by HEЯITAGE (Gianluca Gibbons/Hannah Eggen)
Music Produced by HEЯITAGE (Gianluca Gibbons/Hannah Eggen) & Tommy D Daugherty
Mixed & Mastered by Christopher James

“Fashion Slayer” Lyrics

I feel good in my chelsea suedes
Skinny jeans, Armani shades
Hair flowing in a breezy way
Fresh, and we here to stay

(Hannah’s Verse)
Suited and booted, she was ready to go
Threaded by the dapper
She aint hanging with joe
She aint no plain Jane
diamonds running through her veins
Walking down the street like she’s putting on a show
Strutting straight forward, no side stepping
Nasty hoops on is the women she is repping
If fashion is a game, she’s a MV Player
Stop the naysayer, she is the fashion slayer

(Gianluca’s Verse)
Hey mama let’s groove with it
Not too much, but get loose a bit
Drop your hair, and let’s hit the floor
Dance, dance and dance some more
It’s feel right, when the beat go boom
Bright lights, now make some room
Girl I came to sweat tonight
It’s a celebration, we living life
The pumps are lit, her hairs legit,
This fit is cris, this girl’s a hit
Now forget the script
This ain’t a show, just flow with it
One step, two step, look back
Three steps, four steps, who’s that?

I feel good! (Got my chelsea’s on)
I look good! (Armani’s on)
I feel fresh! (Ooh that’s my song)
C’mon and dance you’re the star tonight

© 2019 Gianluca Sydney Palmer Gibbons & Hannah Lynn Eggen.

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