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I designed the ✨perfect tee✨for me, and YOU. #shorts #fashion #design

Tees. They have never looked good on me. So, I tried to create the ✨perfect tee✨ for me.

Finding the right tee is so hard because I want to be comfy and effortless but I still want to look feminine and stylish! Fitted ones look like they’re trying to hard and loose ones make me look like a man.

Sooooooo this is what I did:

1. Got a SUPER soft and stretchy fabric that DRAPED like a DREAM ☁, so it could still be loose and comfy but would show my curves as I move!

2. Upgraded the shape to a loose fit with a CURVED HEM to make the box look less boxy and more romantic. Plus didn’t want it stomach-bearing, so I long-cropped it, making it easier to wear.

3. Added stylish details like a rolled cuff and a stitch down the back. Didn’t want to overdo a simple tee but could not bear releasing a super basic design! You know me. 😉 I needed quiet details. I needed something different, but subdued, so you could tell but couldn’t really tell.

I hope you like the @POPFLEX Active Perfect Tee! I love how it looks on my body and hope you feel the same! Comes in 3 colors and there’s a whole bundle too if you want to save some money! ✨
Shop here ➡ https://bit.ly/shop-perfect-tee


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