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Ways to style a dress shirt! #shorts #shortsvideo #fashion #jeans

I love a button down shirt! And it was about time to get a new one.
These are just a few ways to style an oversized dress shirt this Spring/Summer.
Outfit details and links:
Outfit with jeans: https://ift.tt/af4YEwh
Outfit with shorts: https://ift.tt/LJ6I8WN
Outfit with dress pants: https://ift.tt/QdVe95a
Outfit with dress: https://ift.tt/RE0T5fd

Social media :
Instagram: https://ift.tt/qGOoa5C
TikTok: https://ift.tt/fQ6TJAl
Shop with me on LTK: https://ift.tt/6s4AxGM

*Disclaimer: The links in the description are affiliate links, if you make a purchase through this links, I might earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

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