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Stop Making These Fashion Mistakes That Are Aging You!

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Want to keep people guessing about your actual age? Let’s start by avoiding these typical style mistakes and beauty blunders that women of a certain age make. No one wants to look frumpy or out of date. But we don’t want to fall into the trap of “age-appropriate” style. Too many of us start to question what we can wear after the age of 40, 50, or 60. Shorts? Sleeveless tops? Skirts above my knees? Do I have to set these items away forever? Honestly, clothes have sizes, ladies, not ages. So I’m of the mindset to wear things that you feel comfortable and confident in. Style is always about confidently stepping out the door, and clothes help us do just that.

What I’m wearing:
Stripe Linen Top: https://ift.tt/7OWJitU
Necklace: https://ift.tt/SnX9Z0I
Earrings: https://ift.tt/PJikjGU

Outfit #1
Linen Stripe Shirtdress: https://ift.tt/HPTo17O
ADA Midi Wrap Belt: https://ift.tt/J649zZP
Sandals: https://ift.tt/RrTLJN8

Outfit #2
Crochet Top: https://ift.tt/bxL9eDp
Crochet Cardigan: https://ift.tt/NRZTS4k
ADA Wrap Belt: https://ift.tt/izlMeTD
Cotton Chinos:https://ift.tt/iMA539m

Outfit #3
Silk Tunic: https://ift.tt/gqXp9on
White Pants: https://ift.tt/CxTRFEy
ADA Skinny Wrap Belt: https://ift.tt/c3gJy5E

Simone Perele: https://ift.tt/O6T4hbY
Wacoal: https://ift.tt/RPe4oyD
Chantelle: https://ift.tt/c5GNxkf

Plunge Bra: https://ift.tt/6jVRGmT
Minimizer Bra: https://ift.tt/74LIGRZ
T-Shirt Bra: https://ift.tt/LJtf68I

Orange Stripe Tee & Orange Flare Skirt: https://ift.tt/tPLBcys

White Shift Dress: https://ift.tt/7mR2QxJ
Similar Gingham Espadrilles: https://ift.tt/sy6Ehdg

Similar White Dress: https://ift.tt/wXkTZRU
Similar Fisherman Basket Handbag: https://ift.tt/1Bnglmq

Wicker Handbag: https://ift.tt/h8Pu9SZ
Straw Handbag: https://ift.tt/MpLDQ3H
Panama Hat: https://ift.tt/noIrXGE

Linen Blazer: https://ift.tt/tDk0RM4
Green Sleeveless Sweater: https://ift.tt/m3zLw56
White Denim: https://ift.tt/PUZLEct
Straw Tote:
Sandals: https://ift.tt/iw45XDa
Similar Gold Coin Necklace: https://ift.tt/lx7tFQJ

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– https://youtu.be/QmrHym5ZUNM
– https://youtu.be/HFkc-Qf4eHM


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