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You may have noticed how popular the 1980s have been getting in recent years, and crafts with that theme are no exception. Not only is this decade popular with people who lived through it, but it is also gaining popularity for teens new to the trends that happened back then. Thus, there are two main groups of people who would be interested in a 80s party; adults and teens. There are great crafts that you can do for each kind of occasion.

Parties for teenagers with a 80s theme are perfect for crafts. For example, one of the leading fashions for girls in the 1980s was leg warmers. You could buy your own, but it’s a lot more fun to make them yourself. Have your teen girl’s make their own leg warmers at the party by providing them with circular looms and many different colors and textures of yarn.

For an adult 80s themed party, there are crafts that are appropriate, too. For instance, much of the appeal of the 80s is in the music. You could make crafts that reflect that. Find rock and roll band t-shirts at your local used clothing stores and use them for your projects. You could make wall hangings with them, or even make pillows. This is a nice touch that a lot of your guests won’t expect. You could even make party favors that use this theme. After all, everyone likes to get fun free stuff when they go to a party. Make the occasion extra special with these 80s themed crafts.

Source by Gail Leino

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