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Let me ask you a question. As a network marketer do you treat people the way you want to be treated? For example, if someone approaches you with a business opportunity that you have no interest in do you blow them off rudely? Do you give them false hope by your words and actions?

For years I have watched network marketers in action and took stock in how potential prospects were being treated. If someone says no to you, are they suddenly lower than life xxxxx. Beings that you have no need for anymore? Unfortunately, I have witnessed too much of this. It’s almost an attitude of superiority. An attitude of…”you must be blind if you can’t see how great this opportunity is”

My question to you is this….who are you to judge someone else’s motivation, financial position, and business desires? Trust me, I am not pointing the finger only at you. I, too, had a similar attitudes years ago. Why wouldn’t I? My upline taught me that anyone who didn’t join was not to be dealt with anymore, in any fashion. They rejected YOU, and DON”T YOU FORGET IT!

I remember a few years ago approaching a business man. For this discussion let’s say he was a dry cleaner who I had used for years. I was very happy with his service and his store was convenient to my home and office. My upline convinced me to approach him. After a few minutes of talking with him, he obviously had no desire to fnd out more and told me, kindly, that he wasn’t interested. Being a new rep, I reported back to my upline.. I was told to stop using his services. If he wasn’t going to work with me, I should NEVER give him any of my business again! Wow. Is that what network marketing is all about? Doesn’t sound too healthy of an attitude to me.

What are your goals in your network marketing business? How are you going to achieve MLM success?

In the beginning I was extremely interested in getting someone to commit to my business. Over the years, that attitude has changed. I have gotten very good at getting “no’s” from people. After all, isn’t that what we a looking for? A definitive “no” is always a welcome response from someone you approach because you can take them off of your list with no questions asked. You can move on without having the mental baggage that comes with the hope of someone joining you. Let’s instead change our mindset to a healthy one. Here’s how…

When someone asks you to look into a business that you have no interest in, instead of telling them that you will look into it, why not simply say you have a lot on your plate and you are not interesting in looking at additional business ventures. PERIOD. Wouldn’t you rather have someone be straight with you? Someone who tells you the truth rather that flowering their response to bring you down gently and give you false hope? It has been my experience that IF you change your attitude towards other business builders, you will start to notice that you are treated differently. Perhaps it is because you have a different posture. Perhaps your new found attitude unconsciously changes the way you ask questions or approach people. Whatever the reason, it is worth trying.

Source by Dr. Alfred Santoro

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