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Dita von Teese is the epitome of vintage style. She is the walking, talking example of how to portray a modern girl living in a dream of a vintage fantasy. Being a professional burlesque artist, she has made her name by using her fantastic wardrobe to create her over-all immaculate style.

You will never see Dita out of place, distressed or dishevelled at anytime. Unlike her contemporary celebrities, who often cry at will, fall drunk on the pavement or are generally disorderly, Dita has made her name by being a glamorous persona like her favourite old Hollywood idols. In her book, ‘Burlesque and the Art of Teese’, she wrote, ‘I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute. If I am chilled, I nuzzle a fur stole. I pull steamed stockings over my gams.’

Made famous by her liaison with Marilyn Manson a while ago, she has become known as the darling of the red carpet, best friends with all the couture designers, and one of the most tasteful Hollywood personas in existence.

Transformed from a tanned, blonde Californian girl, to become this pale skinned, dark haired vixen, we can say she has truly mastered the art of transformation. We can all learn a little from our icon. Her book is filled with beautiful photographs, teamed with lots of advice on how to dress yourself as a modern girl but in vintage style. She advises us how to choose the right undergarments, like seamed stockings or whether to buy a corset. She states how important a seamed stocking is to how we feel and walk, or what an alarming shade of red lipstick can do for our confidence.

She shows us the correct way to apply make up that will make all the difference to creating the right tone of vintage style from the different eras, with methods to emulate the different style icons. She advocates movies stars from different eras to those we usually associate her with, which is 40s style. She puts her own famous, elegant style into these different eras.

With her famous quote sounding in my head, ‘Vintage might be a faze but you will see me dress like this in my 80s’. Remind yourself with the old Hollywood by channelling her style. She is truly a Chameleon with her own changeable vintage styles, and she’s on her own crusade to keep the elegance and style of the good old days.

Source by Sisi S Tsoi

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