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How to exercise, in such a way that it’s fun, not a torture, for you?

That you won’t feel dreadful each time but look forward to it?

Is that possible? Of course!

Just make exercise a fun activity you love and enjoy doing…..

OK, may be it’s not that simple. But the main gist of it boils down to that…..

Let’s look closer at how you can make exercise more fun:

  • Get a buddy to exercise together with you. Pick someone who’s energetic, fun and who you look forward to spending time with. That way, you’ll want to exercise just to be with him or her
  • Sports are fun, right? So, choose a sport you love – tennis, golf, soccer, softball….If you can, take part in a team sport, to add some socialization
  • Attend group classes in a gym or in a local community as they are a way to meet new people and you would have an instructor to keep your form and effort good. You’ll be motivated to go each time
  • Go shopping for fashion for your exercise gear! Start with your shoes, then shorts, shirts, bag, mat and other accessories. When you deck out in “fashion”, you feel good about it. It’s a way to excite yourself!….
  • Get a good music player and download some audio books or podcasts on topics you fancy. This way, when you think about exercise, you also look forward to “reading” the next chapter in your novel
  • Get TV, videos and music to accompany your exercise! No kidding here, the distraction helps to get you through a workout a lot easier. Grab a music player and load it up with inspirational songs (Psssttt…change the songs weekly to give you some varieties and spices!). Watch TV shows while on the treadmill or put in your favorite movie and watch 1/2 of it each time you exercise. That way, you tend to look forward to your exercise just to find out what happens next in the show/movie!
  • Mix your exercise up! Don’t do the same old, same old every day. If you always walk on the treadmill, may be go for a run outside on a nice day, instead. Take a week off your weights routine and do a Pilates or Yoga routine instead. The minute you feel boredom sets in, do something different from your normal routine
  • You measure, don’t weigh. The scale can be your worst enemy to de-motivate you. You have worked hard but your weight just won’t budge. One reason is that you are adding muscle while losing fat. Another reason is that it just takes some time to lose weight. If I were you, I would stop looking at the scale. Instead, I’ll measure my chest, upper arms, stomach, waist, thighs and calves. The tape measure will show change well before the scale does
  • Chart your progress in exercise. Create a chart and log your exercise activity and all your stats (weight, measurements, best number of reps, maximum lifts, etc.). Chart all details of your exercise routine for a month. You’ll feel great as the information goes into the chart
  • Relax after your exercise. Just feel the effect of exercise in your body. Look forward to that deep relaxation that comes after the exercise. You’d be surprised you want to exercise just to experience this feeling!

All these enough to make your exercise fun?

They should…..

Source by Cecelia Yap

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