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When you first meet a person, the hands are one of the things that you notice first. Hands can be a strong reflection of the person’s character, and nails usually do most of the revealing. Short, jagged and chewed-up nails may reveal a nervous or stressed character, long fingernails with dirt under them can be a sign of poor hygiene while clean and well-manicured nails tell you that the person takes the time to work on their appearance. If you envy women who have long sophisticated nails, then you may want to start looking at some types of nail extensions to see how you can achieve the same look.


One of the popular types of nail extensions is the acrylic extension. These extensions are a mixture of liquid and acrylic powder. Once combined, the two elements create a paste. This paste is then brushed over the nail and left to harden. Many women prefer this type of nail extension because of its natural look and durability. However, you must prepare for frequent fills that should be done every two weeks.


Ladies who would like to go for a more lightweight option consider fiberglass extensions. These extensions may be thinner but they actually offer the same resilience as their acrylic cousins. Just be sure to stick with fiberglass, and not linen or silk which are also popular substitutes. These two may not offer the same strength you need.


Gel is one of the types of nail extensions that are traditional. The process of applying gel nail extensions involve molding a colored piece of gel and fitting it to the tip of the nail. You can choose to have it blend with the rest of your nail or you can go for a French tip. Once fitted, ultraviolet light is used to harden the gel and fit it into place.

Source by Ilse Hagen

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