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Today so many people out there are trying to successful build their MLM downline, but frankly most people are failing to do so. Why!? Well it is simple really, for most network marketers do not have the proper training, leverage, nor skill-set to do so.

Here are some reasons why most networkers fail and never build their downline effectively.

Reason #1
Most network marketers do not have the correct training from their company when it comes down to building a high retion MLM dowline. This is due to the fact that most companies are only training their representatives the old fashion way. (Ex. The three foot rule, hotel meeting, list of friends and family…etc.)

Reason #2
There is no absolute leverage given to representatives by their MLM network marketing companies. Yes most reps do have supportive upline where they arrange meetings for prospects and help in recruiting purposes, but this only builds your MLM downline gradually.

Reason #3
Many network marketers do not have the skill sets needed to succeed in MLM marketing. It is not an overnight process to learn the necessarily skills to be able to build a MLM downline that will create a self building income making downline.

Now it may seem that network marketing industry is just a really hard industry to achieve in. And it may seem almost virtually impossible to build an MLM downline profitable and fast, but there are extremely simplistic ways towards doing this effectively by just using simple internet methods.(I’ll be revealing some of these methods by the end of this article.)

And to be honest most networkers fail in their in their business and rarely sponsor people into their MLM downline. It is even proven statistically that the average networker will only recruit 2.2 reps in their entire life time, but this is not always the case.

Despite these facts, the people in the MLM industry that are making the real money are the ones who know how to fully leverage and automate their business to where building their downline is extremely simple and FUN, like its suppose to be.

Source by Reggie Barnett

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