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A common question we get here at Metallic Nails is “Does your product work better with acrylic nails or gel nails? Sometimes we even get the question, what is the difference between gel and acrylic nails? Below is a quick article describing the difference. Both work well with the Trendy Nails Unlimited products, however the application method may change slightly.

Acrylic Nails Basics

Acrylic nails are the more common, more popular choice at the moment. (We wrote a small article on choosing the correct mixture for acrylic nails here.) One of the reason acrylic nails are more common is because they have been around longer and are better known. Acrylics can be used over a whole nail or just a portion to create a ‘tip’ effect. A mixture of acrylic liquid and powder is applied to the nail to create any shape; it then hardens on its own in a matter of minutes.

Gel Nail Basics

There are two types of gel nails. One that needs to be cured under an ultra-violet light, commonly knows as light cured and ones that cure on their own without a UV light, knows as no-light gels. The most popular form at the moment is light cured gel. Even though they have the disadvantage of having to wait under a UV light (and having to purchase a light in the first place). No-gel lights work with a gel activator to cure. This is brushed or sprayed onto the nail. Some are cured by dipping into plain water.

So, which is better?

The results from gel and acrylic nails are similar. They can shorten, lengthen, strengthen and change the look of your fingers by giving the perception they are longer and more slender. As far as the finish, you can apply Trendy Nail Wraps from Metallic Nails to both. Gel may produce a more glossy finish while acrylic will produce a slight matte finish. You cal also do French tips, air brush, or create different types of polish finishes to both. Take a look through our designs to see some of the finishes.

There are some differences between the two, we go over them below:

Acrylic Nail Pros

  • Acrylic nails are easier to fix if broken. Home repairs are quite simple, but this should be less of a problem if applying Trendy Nail Wraps as they protect from breaks.
  • Removing acrylic nails is easy if done by a professional. Soaking then filing will give a clean result.
  • If applied correctly and with proper care, they are very strong. They can last a long time. We have seen applications with Metallic Nails lasting over 6 weeks!

Gel Nail Pros

  • Gel nails tend to have a glossier finish and look more natural than other types.
  • The curing/drying time for gel nails is quicker if used with a light, as fast as 2 minutes
  • Gel nails don’t produce an odor
  • There is less filing and shaping required during application

Acrylic Nail Cons

  • They can damage your real nails (see mixture article)
  • The result can be less natural looking
  • Sometimes they can be difficult to grow out

Gel Nail Cons

  • They are less durable and don’t last as long as acrylic, even though they last longer
  • Gel nails are harder to do at home
  • They are much harder to fix if they break. Gel nails tend to shatter over a clean break which makes it almost impossible to fix at home. Again, this shouldn’t happen as often if using with Metallic Nails products.
  • Gel nails are more difficult to remove. They almost always need to be filed completely off.

Above are just a few things to consider when choosing an artificial nail. There are so many variables when it comes to these two options for new stylish nails that its best to consult with your trusted nail technician for the best results. It really depends on the look you are going for.

Source by Vinay Peters

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