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In a society where the norms and boundaries of fashion are constantly challenged, it can be a nail-biting experience to work out what exactly constitutes “appropriate” dress for one’s age. Unfortunately for today’s fun-loving, professional women on the move, trying to dress as young as one feels often results in embarrassing fashion disasters. Below, we’ve put together a few rules to help you avoid of the most frustrating dilemmas

Rule 1: Discover Your Personal style

Many women consider “appropriate” to be synonymous with “boring”. The secret to dressing appropriately for your age without emulating Barbara Bush is to figure out your own personal style and let that guide you.

If you’re not sure what your style might be, try this quick exercise: grab a piece of paper and make three columns. In the first column, list everything you love about yourself (we’re talking personality traits, not “shiny hair”). In the next, list traits of women you admire. In the third, list words that you’d like people to use about you when you’re not around. Now take note on what words show up in all three lists. These words show how you would like to be seen by the world, which is a major cornerstone of your style. What’s important is not to be afraid to make mistakes. You’re young and experimentation will help you to build your look.

Rule 2: Accept Your Twenty-Something Status

Usually women in their twenties have launched themselves into the professional world by now, and even if you’ve managed to land a job with one of those edgy, wear-what-you-like, break-the-rules media or fashion companies, it’s still important to remember that you are no-longer in your teeny-bopper years. Even outside the workplace, some rules are not meant to be broken. You’re an adult (more or less) now. You’re going to be expected to dress like it. Avoid the “too” factor – too short, too tight, too much. It sounds easy, but look around next time you’re in public. Too many 20-somethings are still showing muffin tops over low-cut jeans, with an equally unsightly roll of fat trapped by thong elastic appearing whenever they bend over. Fashions should be worn to enhance rather than expose, to conceal figure faults rather than flaunt them.

Rule 3: Dress for the Future

Now that you’ve become a responsible member of society, the future seems to be looming a lot closer than it ever has before, right? This is an age when you’re struggling to make your ambitions a reality. When you look at your wardrobe, ask yourself where you want to be in ten, twenty years. Do your clothes reflect this? As mentioned in Rule #1, your clothes are the first thing the world perceives. They can reflect your dreams and goals, as well as personality. In both professional environments, your choice of clothing will make the first introductions for you.

Source by Sara Metz

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