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Today we are taking a look at an article telling us what trends we SHOULD and SHOULDN’T wear in 2022! From throwing away our loafers to adding citrus orange! I want to give my perspective on the “wear this not that” concept with fashion because I think everybody should wear whatever makes them happy, trend or not! Although if you like a certain trend of course getting inspired and implementing it into your personal style to customize what works best for you is something I talk about all the time, but specifically shaming people for wearing something that “isn’t trendy anything” just is kind of ridiculous! Even with the trends/fashion styles I don’t like, I specifically don’t like them on ME and truly don’t care what other people wear and in most cases those trends I don’t like on me, I actually LOVE on other people so I think focusing on ourselves and what WE like to wear versus forcing these fashion rules on others I think is important. I made a video at the beginning of 2021 talking about the fashion trends that are over and in that video I specifically said I didn’t like the trends on me and so many took it to heart that I was saying they shouldn’t wear it WHICH again is not what I was saying and I just wanted to note that (although I cannot deny in that video I was quite sassy).

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