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It is not clear as to when exactly suspenders were invented but the modern version can be credited to Albert Thurston who designed it in 1822. In those times it was necessary to use them because of the design of the pants which made it very difficult to manage without it. Although they are not commonly used anymore they have also not entirely gone out of fashion.

They are usually made from fabric or leather making the formation of an X or Y at the back with two straight straps in the front. Those pants where suspenders are used do not have belt loops. There was a time when the general image of this accessory was that it was only for serious and old gentlemen in the boardroom but now it has become a fun accessory with some even wearing it along with T-shirts.

Today the pant designs have changed and holding it up is not the problem. The new problem is keeping the shirt tucked inside the pants. This is solved with accessories like stay shirts and belts worn inside pants.

The common stay shirts are an elastic strap which is attached to your socks or feet from the ends of your shirts always pulling in the shirts for a neat tucked look.

The two different types of shirt stays are one that is attached to the socks and the other that goes around the feet. This is made possible by clips at the ends of the elastic strap which attach to the bottom of the shirt. They are very popular especially by those groups of people where maintaining a neat tucked look is of utmost importance in their careers like military, navy, police force, airlines staff, hotel staff and corporate office staff and even the top management.

However even these accessories because of the elastic nature tend to go slack with constant change in positions or postures resulting in an untidy look. Hence another idea that developed was a belt which is worn on the waist over the shirt and then the pants are pulled up for a neat permanent look. The tiny hooks attach to the shirt and pants for a permanent solution. The best part in this solution is that you don’t have any elastic strap running the length of your legs.

Nowadays image is everything, it can make or break your business. Men who have authority like those in the police force will not be taken seriously if they have a disheveled and untidy look to their clothes.

Source by Jerry Wesol

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