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Tik Tok has without a doubt become one of my favorite, and most addicting habits since the Covid-19 quarantine hit! Although, I was lowkey using it before that. But getting to see the fashion community growing on the app, which is promoting conversations about sustainability, luxury brands, and fashion history is really cool. Today’s video focuses on creators that have been up cycling thrifted or second hand garments into items that are either cooler or more wearable, which is really cool to see. Of course, with climate change and other issues like this becoming more and more apparent, fashion has been saying it wants to transition away from wasteful practices. Some of this is definitely just greenwashing, but some brands are really finding their voices through these ethical practices. But there’s a whole other side of people, who aren’t solely designers or make a living off of fashion that is creating and up cycling garments into styles that are unique and super cute. I think it’s important to see that you don’t have to be a luxury brand to incorporate sustainable or upcycled pieces into your wardrobe!

Those Mentioned:
@paige.sechrist – (https://bit.ly/3IItA7j)
@tabithasewer- (https://bit.ly/3hyemWA)
@Kevonni Couture – (https://bit.ly/3IFQMTT)
@fashionforher – (https://bit.ly/370N7C4)
@susoriginals – (https://bit.ly/3vRAnrZ)
@111threads – (https://bit.ly/3vC8SlV) & (https://bit.ly/34dxs1g)
@frayedandfabulous – (https://bit.ly/35IZeD5)
@christine202029 – (https://bit.ly/370OXTu)

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